Our knowledge of the dynamics of markets, customers, and products, combined with our creative and experienced team provides us with insights that help us create fitting customer-specific strategies.


With offices in New York, the Caribbean (Trinidad/Tobago), Europe, Dubai, and Africa, PrimetimePOPS is a recognized, global provider of services in brand management and marketing strategy. Our experience extends not just geographically, but cross-engagement, cross-pollination, and across a wide spectrum of industries, influencers, and specialties. We use this advantage to provide business strategy, business development, and marketing strategic campaigns to our ever-increasing list of top industry clients.

PrimetimePOPS offers its clients the highest level of insight, with global THOUGHT LEADERS.

Creating planning and execution for the unparalleled integration of expert campaigns and activations across a multitude of sectors. We launch, reposition, translate, and implement our proprietary ideations that move the needle towards growing and broadening brands exponentially. We offer our clients the highest level of methodologies through employing our perceptive, persuasive, and personalized brand architecture services and marketing solutions, adding critical volume to each client’s natural foundation.

PrimetimePOPS has an unparalleled record for exceeding our clients’ expectations and objectives, becoming synonymous with not only obtaining but superseding targeted goals and objectives with branding insights and executions that positively impact perception, positioning, and earned equity.


The agency’s work is driven by LMarilyn Crawford’s passion, the team’s extraordinary, effective plans, and their innovative intensity. At PrimetimePOPS we know that creating and enhancing our clients’ brands is the fundamental service we provide.

To do this, we carry out detailed and wide-ranging research and analyses, which gives us the knowledge and expertise we use to fashion the exact proposals that are suited to each brand’s progress to its preferred market niche.


PrimetimePOPS works at the hub of a branding philosophy that helps to market excellence and supremacy for our clients’ brands.

Our comprehensive approach helps us create and execute efficient connections with our clients, based on advancing relationships that form and deliver the optimum publicity for all our client’s plans.

Our comprehensive research and market expertise give us a knowledge base that permits us to create high quality, prizewinning campaigns with measurable results. Brand expertise is what we promise and deliver.


We are the acknowledged gold standard for facilitating cooperative partnerships between our clients and experts in a wide variety of sectors. Our work is based in our conviction that each brand has the chance to achieve its best position, and that we – due to our expertise and experience – are placed squarely in a position to get it there.

We do this by utilizing the entire marketing mix to create, maintain or adjust a brand, plan an event around its publicity or create plans and stratagem to bring our clients to the desired position aimed at their niche market.


PrimetimePOPS’ has a pulse on the client’s ever-evolving audience and/or consumer, allowing us to gauge insight in devising a creative and visionary strategy. Our core competencies transcend far beyond conventional/traditional branding, business development, and strategic marketing services.

We offer strategy, planning, and then execution that lead to revenue generation and elevation of visibility as a market leader. We work in conjunction as a strategically aligned collaborative brand and business development partner. Our efforts are guided by creativity, managed by experienced, nurtured with integrity, and incite increased visibility.


is simple… 

We are committed to always getting the job done, within a specified budget, and always on time.

“I was not expecting that occasion to be like that. The experience was exceptional, well attended and she did an outstanding job.”

David Rubin, Academy Cinema Foundation

“She certainly has been an asset to my foundation in every way.”

Talk Show Host Larry King

“If you want something done right and it to be a success, hire LMarilyn.”

Actress Jane Fonda