Our complete menu of services helps us serve as business advisors and consultants for a wide and interconnected range of issues. We use our skills and experience for communications in all your external associations: shareholders and investors and all parties involved. This has included advising high-profile clients through challenging and extended legal disputes, managing their standing through media relations and carefully considered reputation-management strategies.



We are the brand transformers you would engage to envisage plans to build equity and expand clients beyond your current presence. Our fusion of brand expansion services will help in initiating, packaging, optimizing and boosting a brand. We design natural approaches to match a client’s requirements from inception to the final realization of the brand. We are at the forefront of ideas, strategies and their implementation and our output is a unique message of branding for the niche which the client aims to reach.


We are business strategists who will guide your business decisions and activities to ensure success and long‑term development. We have expertise and experience in defining the appropriate goals for businesses and then developing strategies to help achieve them. We do this while ensuring that you have the means and capabilities in place to achieve them.

We will either develop a new strategic plan or update your current one, help you align the management group with this and help you plan the resources your need to achieve your plans. We will help, too, to track progress and refine your strategy going forward.


We are strategic marketing experts who help you maximize your business’ potential and profitability because of our deep understanding of your target customer’s requirements. We construct customer-centric strategies based on our market knowledge, with consideration for market research, social media marketing, consumer behavior, and the entire spectrum of marketing-related skills. We ensure that each part of your marketing efforts (e-newsletters, magazine advertising, websites, direct mailers, etc.) aligns with your business plan so as to communicate this information with the audience who you want to target.


We assist business owners and executives to plan and coordinate the process of production of products and also services. We advise them on the entire chain of organizational functions, such that the right quantity of goods or services are produced, at the exact time they are needed, at the least cost of production. We address many related concepts and activities such as production scheduling and budgeting, quality control and assurance, inventory management and management accounting.


We assist clients with planning, coordination and execution of production of programs, shows, experiences, events, streaming, webinars, virtual conferences, PSAs, sizzle or promotional reels, commercials, advertising, in all forms; print, network, film, TV, social media/internet or streaming.


We helped clients elevate their tourism, increase their numbers and make their place, country, city, experience, a destination. We promote Tourism as travel for pleasure or business. We help our clients create messaging for attracting business, accommodating, and entertaining tourists, and the business of operating tours.
We assist with execution hospitality and tourism program plans. We have long offered cross engagement and cross-pollination to the hospitality industry, elevating the consumers awareness and use. Making the client the business of choice. Our efforts address a variety of businesses and services linked to leisure and customer satisfaction.
We created strategies that address hotels, Airlines, brands, embracing innovation and have come out stronger from digital disruption. We help Execute a business continuity program that will allow critical business functions to resume. Our experience has been with a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry – category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, and transportation. It includes hotels, restaurants, and bars.


We create, plan, promote, coordinate and execute, virtual and brick/mortar Entertainment experiences. The multi-media and entertainment industry consists of film, television, radio and print.

These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, Esports, sports, news, concerts/music, newspapers, magazines, and books.


We are veteran publicists founded over two decades ago. We address the new paradigm required for exposure and elevation. They include addressing; Proven Techniques. Blogging. Publicity Services: Crisis Management, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Media Relations, Digital Communications and developing an effective and efficient blueprint for our clients.



We assist businesses to adopt the correct model of organizational change and functioning to be the most successful they can be. Since we have experience working with business structures and processes, we recognize their influence on employee performance and motivation. We help management align their business with the requirements of complex and ever-changing environments through learning, culture and adaptive strategies to aim for success.


This is an area of particular skill and experience for us. We help businesses pursue strategic opportunities across the country and around the world with the principal objective of growing their business. We will help you cultivate partnerships and commercial relationships, identify markets for your products and services. We will work with you to create long-term value from your customers, markets and relationships.

We are expert business development advisors with knowledge of current business trends and your target market, so we will help you effectively target growth opportunities and generate new business.


In today’s world with a complex, global workforce, businesses that create and sustain diverse and inclusive workplaces are successful and creative and attract and retain the best talent. To achieve this, we provide personalized coaching to C‑level leaders in the company to effectively acquire diversity and inclusion awareness and skills. We help them see and recognize diversity and then build inclusivity skills such as communication in this environment and reduction in levels of unconscious biases


We have considerable skills and recognized experience in providing life coaching on a one-on-one basis. We have helped professionals reach goals or make changes in their lives. We help executives address specific personal development missions, business initiatives, transitions in their personal or professional lives. We do this by examining their current lives, diagnosing obstacles and challenges and helping them choose actions to move towards their goals. We empower executives to define both personal and professional goals, meet and exceed them.

PrimetimePOPS, LLC.



LMarilyn Crawford

“PrimetimePOPS created, coordinated and executed the best orchestrated and extremely well organized experience, I have ever attended in Africa. It is a game-changer for Africa and re-imagined the brand.”

William Egbe, The Coca-Cola Company, Africa, President

“PrimetimePOPS delivered for me. From Mandela to Oprah, from my business portfolio marketing to personal branding.”

Mogul Michael Lee Chin, Founder Providence Capital

“PrimetimePOPS delivered the ultimate global inclusivity and diversity initiative and experience ever held and the first launched at Festival de Cannes.

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