EVP PanAfrican Outreach for Windsor Primetime, LLC

Bah-Pna Dahane graduated in 1999 with a Master’s Degree in International Business and Marketing and a minor in Political Sciences & Black Studies from Portland State University (Oregon-USA) and Lyon II (France).

Before heading for his Master’s, Bah-Pna worked as a sports marketing consultant and in 1998 joined the firm Coca-Cola France to work as a sports marketing liaison during the 1998 FIFA Soccer World Cup in his hometown of Lyon (France). He also oversaw the Nike Premier Cup (the Nike version of the Under15) for the account of Nike Europe and Nike USA during the same period. He later joined the Sydney Olympic Committee for the Olympics 2000 in Australia.

In 2001, Bah-Pna left his job as a Business Specialist in the telecom industry for Sprint PCS (USA) to join Nike France as the head of Basketball Sports Marketing. In this position, Bah-Pna handled all aspects of business and marketing of basketball in France: events coverage, athlete scouting, contract negotiation, and athlete management.

In 2003, he started his own consulting firm, working as a consultant in the broadcasting and entertainment business, and helped successfully launch MTV Base Africa in Senegal. His love and passion for native land propelled him to focus primarily on assisting African sports federations in all aspects of their management.

In 2009, he set a precedent in African basketball marketing by putting together a very lucrative sponsorship deal between the firm Nike and the basketball powerhouse, the Angola Basketball Federation. As a result of this deal, in 2010, Nike designed the first Nike shoe dedicated to an African country and sold it on the US market: The Nike Hyperdunk Angola.

As an International Sports Business, Arts & Culture Consultant Bah-Pna assisted Fortune 500 companies in organizing international events such as the New York Forum Africa (Gabon), the Doha GOALS (Gathering of All Leaders in Sports) in Qatar, the basketball World Championships, the Olympic Games, the Fifa World Cup and the African Cup of Nations.

A dedicated and passionate business person and sports entrepreneur, Bah-Pna believes in the positive
impact of arts, music, and sports have on youth and the importance for African countries to develop more pan-African based cultural, artistic, sporting, and entertainments events in order to reach the African Union 2063 Goal, which to him is translated in African Union 2033 Goal.

Bah-Pna is strongly attached to Youth development and uses his basketball/golf/football-soccer clinics called Believe 2 Achieve/ D.R.E.A.M BIG! in Africa, Americas and the Carribbeans,

Joining Primepops as VP Pan-African Outreach, his role will be to build bridges between the Americas, Carribbeans, and the continent of Africa.

The next challenges under Primepops: The Diamond Conference in Dubai (October 2022), The African Cup of Nations 2022 in Cameroon, The Cannes Film Festival 2022, The Fifa World Cup 2022 in Qatar, and the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Bah-Pna is of Chadian origin, born in Cameroon, and holds dual citizenship Tchad&France, a proud father of a teenage daughter and a family man.

He can be reached at +1 347 913 5943 or by email at

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