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Contagiously Charisma, Brilliantly Talented, Exceptionally Resilient, Dynamic Maverick are just a few of the attributes that embody the drive, vision, and passion of Brand Architect LMarilyn Crawford. As Founder and President of Windsor Primetime LLC, dba PrimetimePOPS, (referred to as POPS), an internationally recognized brand architecture and business development firm, Lady Crawford has become an unparalleled force in a milieu of sectors, catapulting her burgeoning business into a global branding, strategic marketing, publicity, business development, and event design and experience powerhouse. Lady Crawford has become known for engineering blueprints that position clients for category leadership, thought leaders, and help create uncontested market space.

Lady Crawford is renowned for her infectious energy, persuasive charm, raw talent, and innate zeal characteristics, which deeply permeate throughout the various endeavors she undertakes. With formal ivy league and specialty training in the industry, and something that you cannot buy, class and common sense, she has utilized the past two decades to grow her firm from a mere vision to one of the most sought after Branding and Business Development firms on the globe. Lady Crawford represents a collective of some of the most venerated brands spanning across a hybrid of disciplines. Today, Lady Crawford, herself, is a global brand revered for her atypical ability to blend insight, passion, and intellect into memorable campaigns that enhance the visibility and brand equity of her clients, and strategic partners affiliated with the organization, as well as, those in her presence.

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With today’s uncertain times, you need someone who can rise to the occasion and think beyond the box. We have been through social unrest, a deadly health pandemic, environmental destruction, economic devastation, and the loss of life and businesses. Now is the time to step up, and out into the universe to address every aspect of your business that brings success. While doing so, we will keep in mind the new world order, and how we need to think, act, and conduct business in a different way. For over 25 years, POPS has proven that our people, our passion, and our pledge to elevating the standards of excellence are paramount in the success of growing clients business objectives and crossing the profit line. Our talent and expertise have been widely recognized and celebrated across an array of noteworthy platforms for its caliber and distinction.

Marilyn Crawford’s Resume

• Diversity & Inclusivity Strategy,  Training, Private Life Coaching, Seminars & Workshops • Strategic Planning and Execution • International Business Growth * Social Media

  • People Broker * Corporate Relations * Affinity Relations
  • New Market Development * Restructuring/Rebranding * Press Relations
  • Transformation Management * Team Builder * Direct Sales Exp.
  • Business Development * Alliance & Database Builder * M&A Support * Global/National Revenue Generation
  • Brand/Portfolio Positioning * Key Performance Indicators * Spokesperson
  • Branding * Messaging Architects                           * Channel Marketing * Applications & Serv.
  • Strategic Service/Product/Solution Marketing * Metric Results Reporting * Communications
  • Global Multicultural Management * Multitasking * Advertising
  • Strategy, Policy & Operations * Field Marketing – Global & Natl * Public Relations
  • Scalable Sales * Cross Divisional Collaboration * Innovative PR
  • Public Relations * Strategic Marketing
  • Forbes Family Trust RFL Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • International Compass Award
  • Art Horizons Woman of the Year
  • NY Humanitarian of the Year
  • National Bar Association Gertrude Rush Executive of the Year
  • Ebony Marketing Mogul
  • Most Powerful Women of NY
  • and over 100 Awards.

Keynote speaker for;

  • Harvard University Women in Business Conference (2 years in a row)
  • NAMC Mid-winter conference
  • Harvard University City Hall coordinated with Russell Simmons and Billionaire Michael Lee Chin.
  • DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
  • MLK Day at Andrews Airfare Base
  • NY Humanitarian Society

Served on the Board of Directors for the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Dress for Success International, Madison Square Boys and Girls Club, as well as, represented the Reginald F. Lewis Foundation & Estate, etc. Hailed by Billionaire Loida N. Lewis as the Impresario for Branding Reginald F. Lewis Legacy, 1st Black $Billion DealMaker. Created 400yrTransAtlantic Slavery Anniversary salute for NYC. Most recently, created branding strategy for NAMC National Association of Minority Contractors

  • the blueprint leading Ethnography (Diversity & Inclusivity Marketing & Org. Dev.),
  • Driving Growth/Expansion: Contributed to the business development of the Turks and Caicos Islands by $3Billion in 2 years, bringing in luxury hotels and increasing tourism by over 500%. Contributed to increasing sales for Volvo by 34% in one quarter. Contributed to FedEx Affinity group and consumer sales to increase quarterly sales of over 20% in each category.
  • Public Relations and Signature Events Executed: Used popular institutional Global Award events like Grammy, Oscar, (example; pre oscar event had over 400 A-listers and 400 bookers, journalist, and talent representative in attendance with 141 media outlets and 600 Million impressions), NBA Allstar, SuperBowl, Bridgehampton Polo, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, etc. to increase visibility and sales of new products, by creating huge media focused signature brand events during that time period. Created and Executed Cultural Renaissance Gala for Africa, International Event, Musee National with Coca-Cola Africa Company support. Over 1 Billion media impressions, built a ballroom with the bamboo and wood from their rain forest.
  • Ensuring, Vitality and Profitability:  Brought 3 major brands to market that resulted in a high profitability margin, FedEx Office, leading market shares, and increased brand credibility and industry awards. Raised more than $2Million plus for the LKCF and was the first board member to get a donation that exceeded $250,000. Sold 17 cars at 1 event in 1 night for Volvo.
  • Creating Business Value: Help Prudential do their IPO thru investor relations, increasing the original cost from $3/$4 and eventually launching the IPO at $14/$15 per share.  Connects marketing with business strategy throughout their (sales, community relations, corporate relations, advertising, and public relations) departments. This was based on extensive buy-in and unprecedented teamwork to ensure buy-in and successful execution of launches and programs while maintaining a consistent message.

She has been called upon as a subject matter expert and appeared in various media outlets including NY Post, Daily News, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BRAVO, and others.

  • Bachelor of Science, University of South Carolina, Psychology, Marketing.
  • Masters of Education, University of South Carolina, Education, Human Growth and Development
  • Harvard University School of Business
  • Advanced Executive Certification, Strategic Marketing
  1. Created tactical segmentation for FedEx, Prudential, Volvo marketing. Included Events; From Harlem to Hollywood, Tinseltown to Gotham, US Youth Games, Grammy PreParty, Oscar Post Party, Cannes Google House Party, NAACP Image Awards sponsorship outreach, etc…
  2. Planned, coordinated and implemented ETHNOGRAPHY Training for Diageo (leading spirits company) to drive URBAN & Emerging diversity and inclusivity market consumers.
  3. Created GAMA international platform strategy for launching Hall of Fame Peter Novak award.
  4. Created pre-Grammy and pre-Oscar events that attracted global media representing 14 countries. Resulting in billions of impressions. Created RedCarpet for AARP OSCAR Tribute – “Movies for Grown Ups” interviews with Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Sharon Stone, Geoffrey Rush, Kathy Griffin, etc.
  5. Collaborated with WICI, HIPHOP Summit, NABFEME for Urban Awareness and POP Culture issues.
  6. Helped create women empowerment tours and conferences. Woman Expo in Texas.
  7. Did fundraising & corporate development for the famous Pre Grammy Clive Davis event for over 5 years until the Academy took over the responsibility.
  8. FEDEX global and national branding and strategy for minority and multi-cultural business development. First to introduce and bring them into the NAACP Image Awards, Dress for Success International, of which they are still involved for over 20 years later.
  9. Communication and Investor Relations plans to assist Prudential in their IPO Offering.
  10. Business Development & PR. Helped Turks and Caicos get on the map with $3 Billion worth of real estate development under Premiere Michael Misick. Also planned, coordinated and executed the Music and Film Festivals for the island. Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, and more…
  • Develop overarching corporate campaign & initiatives- around common pro-social themes supported corporate brands and their respective audiences; from diversity and inclusion, anti-bullying, asthma prevention, anti-violence, etc.
  • Provide oversight and direction for the messaging, production and distribution of new and existing brand campaigns.
  • Work closely with the Corporate Communications team to help drive the internal and external communications agenda that will reach target audiences and stakeholders with the appropriate messaging.
  • Work closely with advertising sales forces to help elevate social campaign influencers.
  • Oversight of key deliverables, including annual and monthly status reports and updates to our strategic partners, quarterly newsletters, etc.
  • Manage partnerships with key stakeholders including Corporate, Government, Foundations, for Diversity and Inclusion and Sustainability.
  • Manage large scale, cross-functional, cross-business social impact initiatives throughout portfolio of specific brands and businesses.
  • Serve as a strategic adviser to brands on product/service visibility and elevation, corporate social responsibility, related topics and initiatives, such as leveraging in-kind assets (PSA/media allocation), aligning talent to causes, designing cause marketing campaigns, managing reputation risk, reviewing sponsorship opportunities and building competitive grant programs.
  • Create and execute media relations strategies that help build the company’s reputation and solve specific business challenges
  • Craft messaging and create effective, high quality communication materials that guide team in building a cohesive corporate narrative
  • Work across enterprises to proactively identify and develop storytelling opportunities that connect with corporate priorities in partnership with brands, divisions and functions.
  • Oversee media and spokesperson training program to identify and prepare corporate executives for media opportunities and coordinate approval process for media interviews and speaking engagements
  • Build and strengthen in-house and external media relations capabilities by leveraging existing media relationships and cultivating new contacts, and manage inbound media inquiries
  • Facilitate planning and execution around the company’s activations at key annual events and conferences including; Industry events, CMO conferences, CES, SXSW, Oscars, Grammys, Film Festivals, and identify potential new stages and/or platforms where the company can build a presence
  • Act as the team’s eyes and ears for relevant news and trends, working to tie the business to broader industry conversations
  • Manage the activities of external public relations agencies and vendors
  • Oversee corporate media measurement program and the brand measurement program, KPIs and metrics for brands to quantify PR performance.

Recognized within the Global Corporate and Communications Industry as a game-changer, creative thought leader, well connected spokesperson. Known as a 2020 prognosticator, innovator for driving market entry, launches, business and profit growth, strategic acumen, strategic business partnership and alliances, and ability to close and meet management objectives. Excellent international relationships and proven history.

* Primetime Omnimedia, Consulting 2001-2020

Planned, coordinated and implemented strategic marketing, branding, advertising, events management, business development and public relations. Evaluated investments, and monitored compliance for Entertainment and Business projects. WPTM (restructured and rebranded this newly created organization during its move from the east to the west coast). Premiere branding, strategic marketing, business development, advertising, social networking, events management and PR agency. Increased visibility of a client’s key business initiatives. Plan, coordinate and execute social media and internal communications teams to build holistic communication plans that map directly to business objectives and KPI key performance indicators. Leading ‘earned’ media efforts, identifying creative opportunities to elevate the company, programs for strategic audiences and join relevant conversations and special events throughout the year that help enhance the company’s image and build thought leadership.

* MV IDA, Consultant, 2018-present, Plan, coordinate, and executed communications, PR, and business development for over $700 million in projects.

* Prudential Financial, VP Community PR Corporate Relations, 1999-2001

A global financial and insurance company with over 250,000 employees. Responsibilities Included corporate relations, investor relations in preparation for IPO offering and community outreach, and PR. I planned and coordinated their volunteer program which was highlighted on Good Morning America, involving 14 countries and over 200,000 volunteers.

* TLC International, Chief Marketing Officer 1995- 1999 Planned, coordinated and implemented communications and PR for National Campaigns Ie Norwes Mortgage & Wells Fargo – 1stTime Homeowners Campaign, Sesame Street Asthma, Violence Prevention, ACOG Olympics, The Coca- Cola Company US Youth Games, etc. Premiere strategic marketing, business development, advertising social networking, events management and PR

Clients have included, but not limited too; Countries/Islands (Turks and Caicos, Bermuda, Saudi Arabia Redha Alhaidar, UAE Sheikh Khalifa, South Africa, Africa, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, etc.), Global Corporations (Mercedes Benz, Maybach, FedEx, Volvo, Master Card, American Express, AIC Canada, Epic Canada Capital, Prudential, etc.), Foundations (Mandela Trust, RFL Foundation, Dress for Success International, etc.), Celebrities (Serena Williams, Akon, Beyonce/Matthew Knowles, Russell Simmons, P. Diddy, Andre Leon Talley, etc.), and Entertainment and Sports organizations (ACOG-Olympics, pre-Grammy, pre-Oscars week, World Cup Soccer, etc.). Additionally, AmFar, Bermuda Music Festival, Shanghai Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Receptions/ Luncheons, Business Development for Turks and Caicos Islands, Launch of NCB Bank Jamaica for Michael Lee-Chin, Sundance Distribution Outreach, Blue Flame Agency/CIROC Women’s Luncheon, Oprah’s Personal Growth Summit sponsored by Prudential Financial, Technology (Epic Health Tech, Textunes, etc.),

“A” List Celebrities and the list goes on.

“She gets it done, period.”

Willie Gary, Esq., Top Legal Eagle

“PrimetimePOPS is a top award winning form. She gets in there and gets it done, knowing every aspect of what needs to happen and makes it happen.”

Congressman Maxine Waters, California

“PrimetimePOPS has elevated our thinking and our business, we are now ready to launch, emerge and engage in another Stratosphere.”

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, Aerospace Engineer, Founder, JET llc, JTECH, JRD