We assist clients with planning, coordination and execution of production of programs, shows, experiences, events, streaming, webinars, virtual conferences, PSAs, sizzle or promotional reels, commercials, advertising, in all forms; print, network, film, TV, social media/internet or streaming.

Entertainment, Sports & Concerts

We create, plan, promote, coordinate and execute, virtual and brick/mortar Entertainment experiences. The multi-media and entertainment industryconsists of film, television, radio and print. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, Esports, sports, news, concerts/music, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Multi-Media & Public Relations

We are veteran publicists founded over two decades ago. We address the new paradigm required for exposure and elevation. They include addressing; Proven Techniques. Blogging. Publicity Services: Crisis Management, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Media Relations, Digital Communications and developing an effective and efficient blueprint for our clients.

Operations Management

We assist business owners and executives to plan and coordinate the process of production of products and also services. We advise them on the entire chain of organizational functions, such that the right quantity of goods or services are produced, at the exact time they are needed, at the least cost of production. We address many related concepts and activities such as production scheduling and budgeting, quality control and assurance, inventory management and management accounting.

Organizational Development

We assist businesses to adopt the correct model of organizational change and functioning to be the most successful they can be. Since we have experience working with business structures and processes, we recognize their influence on employee performance and motivation. We help management align their business with the requirements of complex and ever-changing environments through learning, culture and adaptive strategies to aim for success.

Private Coaching: Diversity & Inclusion

In today’s world with a complex, global workforce, businesses that create and sustain diverse and inclusive workplaces are successful and creative, and attract and retain the best talent. To achieve this, we provide personalized coaching to C level leaders in the company to effectively acquire diversity and inclusion awareness and skills. We help them see and recognize diversity and then build inclusivity skills such as communication in this environment and reduction in levels of unconscious biases